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Oziversary Fest Master List Jul. 15th, 2017 @ 01:50 pm
The 20th anniversary of the premiere of Oz has come and gone, but you can still celebrate the event via the Oziversary Fest at oz_wishing_well! Below is a link to the Master List of all the ozsome fic and artwork that was created for the fest. There was a wonderful, wide variety of works posted. Please check them out!

Oziversary Fest Master List

In addition, several articles about the show's anniversary were also posted this week. First and foremost was a FASCINATING "oral history" of the show using interviews with Tom Fontana and several cast and crew members. It was extremely informative and included many interesting little-known-facts. I strongly recommend reading it:

Return to ‘Oz’: An Oral History of the Pioneering Prison Drama, Yahoo TV

And here are the links to a few other articles:

20 years ago, Oz locked down the prestige-drama formula, AV Club


Return to ‘Oz’: 20 years ago, HBO released a seedy prison drama that changed the rules of TV forever, MIC

Chuck Zito & Dean Winters Podcast May. 26th, 2017 @ 03:03 pm
I recently posted this video at oz_daily, and I've just realized that there are more people here who might be interested in watching it.

Chuck Zito is trying out a new gig as a podcaster, and last month he recorded two "demos," one with guest Vincent Pastore (Big Pussy on "The Sopranos") and another with Dean Winters. His lengthy (nearly an hour long) conversation with Dean was basically the two of them just shooting the breeze, but I thought it was really interesting. There was a lot of reminiscing about Oz, and Dean also gave more details than he ever has before about his 2009 death and resuscitation.

dean & zito

Here is Zito's podcast with Dean:

And while I'm here... I'll also pass along a friendly reminder that sign-ups are now underway for the Oziversary Fest! You can read all about the Fest and claim your prompts HERE at the oz_wishing_well.

The minimum requirement is only 500 words for fic or 1 piece of art, so this is a laid-back, low-pressure event!

The more the merrier, so please consider signing up! Come join the fun!

The Oziversary FEST: 20 Years of Oz! May. 20th, 2017 @ 02:29 pm
Announcing the Oziversary Fest! Because 20 years of Oz is kind of a Big Deal!

Read all about the Fest HERE at oz_wishing_well! Please consider signing up! It's gonna be OZSOME!

(Sorry for the cross-post spam)

Oziversary Fest?! AND The Strange Story of Oz's Lost Episodes May. 1st, 2017 @ 02:32 pm
As you might already be aware, July 12 will mark the 20th anniversary of the premiere of HBO's Oz! Which is kind of a big deal! So, I was hoping the fandom would be interested in celebrating the occasion with a fest of some kind?

As a first step, I've put together a one-question poll at oz_wishing_well to gauge the level of interest. Please, take a quick moment to tick a box!

Take the Oziversary Poll Here


In other Oz "news," I recently came across some interesting archival information about the show. Did you know that, apparently, at least 4 episodes of a Season 7 were filmed but never aired? Did you know that Tom Fontana also has over TEN HOURS of additional footage from the original show? And that this footage includes two sets of 4 "lost" episodes (one set after Season 2, and the other after Season 4b)? Did you know that Sean Murphy had a nude scene that was never shown?!!!

Actually, if you DID know that, I'd love to hear any additional information who might have. :-)

You can read all about my discovery in this post at my personal LJ.

Murphy Appreciation Month Feb. 1st, 2017 @ 09:20 am





Other entries
» Magi 2016!!

All 2016 Oz Magi holiday gift exchange goodies have been posted for your viewing pleasure! Come on by and peruse, read, enjoy, give feedback, or it's the Hole for you! There are all sorts of things that require your eyeballs, stat.

Lots of Elliot and Elliot's cock this year ::eggplant:: Also, a couples retreat that attracts unusual participants, mirrorballs, rather a lot of blow jobs, dancing classes, cooking shows, Miguel and Ryan show off their sexy sides, Groves wanders amok, and the porn industry comes (ha!) to Oz.

Reveals coming soon.

That's oz_magi. Tell 'em the Warden sent you. You're in OZ now... for life.

» New *Oz Fandom* Twitter and tumblr Accounts
If you're reading this, you probably know that the core of the Oz fandom is still based on LiveJournal, but you've also probably noticed that LJ has experienced a dramatic decline in its user base in recent years. Many fans have left for other fandom platforms, making it difficult for small fandoms like Oz to maintain communications and relationships with its members.

Therefore, I’ve created both a new tumblr, Oz Fandom, and a new Twitter account, Oz Fandom, as a means to stay in touch with fans who might still be interested in the show but have moved their fandom activities to those sites.

These accounts will only be used for fandom announcements, such as:

  • New fests and challenges (for both fanfic and fan art)

  • Deadline reminders

  • Hardtime100 prompts

  • Masterlists that result from Oz fandom activities

It will NOT be used to announce the posting of individual stories, actor news, beta requests, etc. (In other words, I will NOT be cluttering up your dashboards or feeds.) There are numerous Oz communities on LiveJournal that still communicate that information.

So, if you utilize either of these forms of social media...

Please consider following these accounts if you’re interested in Oz works, whether as a consumer or a creator.

Please consider re-blogging/retweeting the accounts' introductory posts if you have followers who may be interested. Being relatively new to the fandom, I have little communication with the "old-timers" who have come and gone, but who might still be susceptible to breaking parole and getting drawn back in, so to speak.

Anything to help get the word out would be appreciated! Let's keep this fandom alive and kicking!
» Magi! Magi! Magi!
Oz Magi 2016 is now OPEN for Wishes!

Oct 18 - Oct 25: Signups & prompt period
Oct 26 - Nov 2: Prompt claiming period
Nov 5: Assignments sent out
Dec 18: All fic & art is due
Jan 1, per Magi tradition: Fest goes live
Jan 15: Writer & artist reveals!

Swing on over to the Wishing Post to make your Wishes. Be sure to read through the full rules & timeline.


» Oz Magi, anyone?
There's a post up to determine interest for another round of Magi!

Please weigh in HERE, by leaving a (screened) comment.

Hope to see you there! :)

» RIP Sagan Lewis (Mrs. Tom Fontana)
fontana wed

As you may recall, last summer Tom Fontana remarried his ex-wife, actress Sagan Lewis, 22 years after their intital divorce.

Sadly, Sagan passed away on Sunday after a six-year battle with cancer. She was 63 years old.

There's a story from the Hollywood Reporter HERE about Sagan's life and her career.
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