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The OZ Rapsheet

The dirty lowdown for fans of HBO's "OZ"

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An information community journal serving fans of HBO's prison drama OZ.
As of March 2021, this community has permanently moved to Dreamwidth. There will not be duplicate posts.

Please join us on Dreamwidth at oz-rapsheet.dreamwidth.org !

Membership is now closed, though you can still read public posts. Members may not make new posts.

***Other Oz communities that have moved to Dreamwidth include:

hardtime100 -- bimonthly & quarterly drabble & flashfic prompts
oz_wishing_well -- drabble trees, fests, challenges
oz_graffiti -- fanart of all stripes
oz_magi -- annual holiday shank exchange, now approaching our 18th year
oz_big_bang -- 5 years of 25k+ fic & art
oz_paroleboard -- inspiration! through 'leftover' prompts

Additionally, you can keep up with Oz fandom announcements on Twitter, or on our Discord channel.

OZ Rapsheet is an information hub community, serving fans of HBO's prison drama OZ.

Community members may post news, notices, links, and information about anything OZ-related and of interest to OZ fans including:

--> Oz actor/creative personnel news, news clippings, interviews, etc. Embed or links welcome.

--> Links to Oz fan community stuff: boards, sites, platforms, mailing lists, RPs, YT vids, etc.

--> Pimpage to/of Oz fandom: fests, challenges, drabble trees, exchanges, etc.

-- Links to all Six Degrees of Oz fanworks (Your own, or recs!)***
---> fanfiction, fanart, icons, fanvids, meta, filk, crafts, podfic, discussion, surveys, et cetera

-- Six Degrees of Oz cheerleader and/or beta requests

-- Six Degrees of Oz "storyfinders" [describe a story/art/vid you saw once but now can't find --!]

This is an open forum, but please be, and behave like, an adult here.

Most recently, @trillingstar & @vanillalime have kept this comm oiled & running smoothly.

Let's go way on way back when -- original comm created & run by @dawnydiesel and @rustler for maaany years. Thank you!

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